ADACMP Decompress MU

Anyone? On a decompress – What does the one-byte before an MU field represent. As far as I can tell, it is not the number of occurrences, nor the max occurrences. What is it? I am getting hex values of either ‘23’, ‘02’, and ‘00’ – no other values are present on a file with 237000 records – and even the ‘00’ is showing one occurrence of blanks. The max occurrences possible for any record is 2.

In theory the count byte should match the data, unless you specify a fixed number of occurrences for the unload.

Otoh you shouldn’t see a count of 0 as “ADACMP generates a count of 1 if the MU field or PE group is empty”

So we’d need to see actual data to try to track it down.


“The max occurrences possible for any record is 2” doesn’t mean anything,
anyone writing an adhoc program with a view specifying more than 2 will
be able to fill it to the max, depending on the Adabas version, the setting
of MUPEX/MUPECOUNT yada yada.