How converte byte of MUPEX file to decimal?

I run a DECOMPRESS from a file that contains multiple and periodic fields.
The record has a multiple field with 165 occurrences. Searching for the byte off occ in DECOMPRESS file output, I found the byte 0xe5 that represent the occurrences of this field.
But 0xe5 converted to decimal is 229.
Beyond the limit of 191 occurrences, I don’t understand how 0xe5 can represent 165.
What is the correct way to interpret this byte of occurrences?


Set to 0 the byte of 7th position (set to 0 the byte of 64 value)

byte 0xe5
11100101 = 229 (erro)
10100101 = 165 (ok)

This doesn’t make sense. You shouldn’t need to manipulate the count field. Valid values are hex 00 thru BF (decimal 0 thru 191). Hex codes C1 thru FF represent the existence of 1 thru 63 empty null-suppressed fields, so I would expect your E5 to mean there are 37 (E5 - C0 = 25) such nulls.

Refer to the documentation:

  • Adabas for Mainframes 8.5.1
  • Utilities
  • Field Definition Statements
  • NU: Null Value Suppression Field Option