Would a Natural program continue to operate if the MUPECOUNT is changed to 2 for a file. I understand the program would only be able to get 191 occurrences, but my question is will the program still run. Or will ADABAS send a two-byte count back and cause the Natural program to abend?

Craig Soehnlin

Hi Craig;

Not my particular area of expertise, however, in the compatibility discussion

it says:

The Adabas link (Adalink) routines can be used across versions. For example, Adabas 8 link routines can be used to issue calls to Adabas 7 databases. Unless the new ACBX direct call interface is used, Adabas 7.4 link routines can be used to issue calls to Adabas 8 databases. Software AG recommends that you use the Adabas 8 link routines for all programs that issue Adabas direct calls.

My guess is that if you do not use ACBX, it “might” work.

However, one wonders what would happen if there were an MU with 200 occurrences in a record. If you are not using ACBX, I would hope you would get an error message from Adabas.


Thanks for the reply. We are using the V8 ADALNK. My issue comes from using PREDICT to do file mods. It now sets MUPEXINIDICIES=2 automatically, any time you add a field or do other file maint. If it is going to cause a problem in the current code, I need to be sure it doesn’t happen in production. If it will just be ignored by NATURAL, then I guess I don’t really care (ie. losing high order digits if they are all zeros).

So far, I have been doing the production maintenance by utility instead of using PREDICT because of this issue. I would like to resolve it and get back to just one method of file maint.

Thanks again,