MU and PE

Hi All,

I am new to Natural-Adabas world. I have 2 questions:

   1. Can i define MU inside PE? Sameway can i use PE inside MU?

   2. I have one multiple value field. Assuming that 1st , 3rd and 191th occrrence is known then what will be output if i display MU?
                 i) Using Null suppression
                 ii) Without null suppression


  1. MU in PE, yes. PE in MU - no: MU is a single field.
  2. Don’t know what you mean by “occurrence is known”.
    If you display MU(1-191) you will see 191 occurrences. Some these may be blank/zero. If null suppression is off for the field and you store values in occurrence 1,3 and 191, then you will have 191 occurrences with the other 188 containing a null value (blank or zero). If null suppression is on and you do the same store, there will be 3 occurrences stored in the record as occurrence 1,2,and 3; the other 188 are not stored.