AdabasFDT as a MindMap: documenting a FDT or the Database-La

This upload is to show, how it is possible, to create a graphical view of an adabas-database or single file(s).

Included in this zip-archive is

a) the natural-programm “READFDT.NSP”, to create (direct from adabas using the LF-command) a xml-file containing the fdt’s.
The program creates also the (very simple) input for the adafdu and the fdt of (all) files.

b) a picture (fdts-100.png) showing the structure of the files “employees” and “vehicles” (created with “freemind”).

c) the xml-file (fdts-100.xml), created by READFDT.NSP

d) a xsl-stylesheet “AdabasFDT2FreeMind.xsl”, which is used to convert the fdts-100.xml to a mindmap-file for freemind (see
Main Page - FreeMind).

e) the MindMap-File “”.

KlaBue (44.6 KB)

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