Adabas FDT comparison

Do you have any Natural or any other code to compare Two adabas databases fdts.

First to produce the FDTS from the ASSOs and then need to do the copmpare with Natural… Is it possible

Are you using Predict at all? if so, you can compare the FDT to your Predict definition against each implementation, then, if you wish, generate updates to synchronize the FDT with Predict.

We have Predict installed. But I want ADABAS vs ADABAS Fdts comparison.

I have such a comparison utility, but it’s not free.

To build your own, start with a program to list an FDT. I posted one a few years ago.

You can point it at any database. Then you can compare two listings.

How I can get your comparison utility?
How much the cost?

This forum is not the place to discuss this. My e-mail address is at the bottom of each posting. Let’s talk off-line.

Perhaps comparing ADAREP outputs might do the job !? Just an idea …

… and therefore you can probably use the ADAREP XML output… see in this dicussion forum Adabas Code samples:,7,8,9,12&sid=5a941baf2a9641c3176b4141ac9ecce7