FDT listing

Not everyone has access to DBA Workbench, so here’s a Natural program to list an FDT.

USR1043 executes the LF Adabas command.
USR1028 translates a byte into a bit pattern.

This program was written and tested in Nat6.2 and should work in Nat4.2. For Nat3.1 and Nat4.1, remove the SET GLOBALS statement.

Rename the attached source module with an NSP extension, drag-n-drop it onto a Natural library, and RUN.
FDT.txt (10.6 KB)

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Please let me know that the above mentione Natural COde is for Main Frame or not?

Yes. Nat3.1, Nat4.1, and Nat4.2 are all mainframe versions. The code is maintained in Nat6.3 which, like Nat6.2, is for Open Systems.

The above mentioned Natural program will display the FDT listing based on the input ie. DBID and File No.

How to use this pgm to compare two adabas fdts?

Just an easy hint.
the SYSDDM function Generate DDM from FDT is also listing the FDT
best regards karlheinz

Here’s another one: ADAICK FDTPRINT FILE=xxx

Sorry, I shot too fast. ADAICK is an Adabas utility and not a Natural code sample.
Please ignore my previous mail.