Check integirty DDM vs Adabas


Is there a way to check using user exit or other utility,
whether the DDM & the Fnr are align.

An incident happened:
The DDM was created by progrmmer as designed & transfered to server,
but DBA build the file using script from other server.

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How did the file get created from the DDM ?

PRE-DICT can do a COMPARE for you.

The DDM was generated by predict.
BUt, we transfer the ddm to another server with no Predict installed,
So we can not compare using Predict on the new server.
I need to find a utility to run on desired server to check integrity between ddm to the file


You may need to compare manually.

The FDT can be listed via ADAREP or a Natural program that I posted to the Code Samples page back in 2010: