Adabas-natural-devops-sample-application: ADABAS FDTs and Data available

Hello everybody,

I am using NaturalONE Community Edition Version 9.2.1 on Windows 10 and the container versions of ADABAS (7.1.1) and of the NATURAL runtime (9.2.1).

I download the ‘adabas-natural-devops-sample-application’ (the ‘Cruise’ application) from Software AG’s repository on GitHub.

I would like to get this application going as it includes some Natural Maps which I would like to use for learning and demonstration purposes (The applications provided with the actual community use only Adapters).

I noticed, that the default database in the Adabas 7.1.1 Container does not contain the FDTs for the Cruise application.
Would be a rather elaborate task to create them and input the data manually.
So, are there any old containers which might contain the necessary FDTs and data?
Or are there any scripts to generate the FDTs and input some data?

Any advice on this will be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Gordon Le Vesconte

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