Visio diagrams for Adabas Physical Design?

Does anyone have a Visio stencil with shapes for documenting an Adabas Physical file design - something that allows presenting PE groups, MU fields and superdescriptors?

I’ve worked with MS Visio some years ago. I only used it for documentation purposes. From my point of view, it was ugly to use and buggy. You’re forced to put PE/MU-Fields in own files. But if there are some tricks or later Versions of Visio which are able to create “List/Array-Fields” …

Not visio, but a solution based on a MindMap.
i have uploaded an example for a graphical representation of adabas-fdts:

i am using very often mindmaps for graphical documentation, e.g. for datastructures like Adabas-Fdt’s. one of the advantages in the upload mentioned above is, that the graphic is nearly created automatically.


That’s Interesting! But I guess documentation is only one side of the story. The other side would be to export FDUFDTs or SQL-Creates for the data modell… But this didn’t work good on visio.

Next time, I’ll have a look at you mindmap-solution. :slight_smile:


the OP asks for documentation of fdt’s.

Don’t’ get me wrong: the documentation as mindmap is no more than a transformation of the fdt in xml-format as generated by READFDT.NSP. With this approach, it’s only a matter of another xsl-stylesheet, to generate SQL-DDL, input for Abas-Utilities, HTML-pages, or whatever you want. or, if visio has an xml-import-format, it should be not a big issue to transform the xml-fdt into this format (one have to create the appropriate xsl-stylesheet “only”).