ADABAS workbench 5.4.5 create new table


I’m trying to learn ADABAS (I have the Adabas - Community Edition downloaded).

In the Adabas DBA Workbench, I have a new database created but I don’t know how to create a new table.

I have downloaded a lot of documentation about ADABAS (getting started, …), but I don’t founded the information.

Anyone can help me ?

Thank you very much.


DBA Workbench and the Adabas Community Edition are for Windows, not the mainframe. This thread should be posted to Adabas Basics on Open Systems. :slight_smile:

In Workbench:
. double-click a database to display its file list
. on the menu bar, click File New
. enter the field specifications manually

If you’ve already created a DDM in Natural, or if you have the FDT from another database, you can replace the last (manual) step by clicking FDT on the menu bar.

Hello Ralph,

Thank you very much. It’s ok.

Now, I will see in the documentation what mean these field.