Create New File in Adabas V 5.1

I have installed Adabas V and trying to create a new file. When I double click on the database in DBA Workbench 5.1, I can see all the demo files, however I am not able to create new files. Please help!

As per the Help, I should see ‘File’ Menu, however I don’t have it.

Can you show us what your window looks like? Neither the Database List window nor the Files window has a menu bar. The single menu bar at the top of the DBA Workbench window is context sensitive. When the Files window has the focus, the menu bar should have File as the first entry.

I’ve attached an image of my workbench with focus on the Files window.

I was not aware of this neat feature 8) .
Thank you very much for the help.

I have created a file with the following format:

1 , AA, 9, A, DE, UQ, NU (SSN)
1 , AB (NAME)
2 , AC, 35, A, NU (FIRST NAME)
2 , AE, 35, A, NU (LAST NAME)
1 , AF, 6, U (DATE OF BIRTH)

and trying to load the data from a file named personinfo.txt with the following data

123456789;FNAME ;M;LNAME ;

(after FNAME, LNAME there are 30 blanks)
from the ‘File -> Load’ option of DBA Workbench and am getting an error saying that the file could not be opened. I made sure that the file was not open and chose the correct file/path from browse option of the Load File window.

However, I was able to define the DDM for the file and was able to insert the records using Natural Program. Any help is greatly appreciated.


You cannot load raw data into Adabas. First you must prepare the data with the COMPRESS utility. The result of the COMPRESS will LOAD.

Typically, the COMPRESS utility expects a fixed-format record, so you’ll have to remove the field delimiters (; semi-colons).

If you use the DBA workbench you can do this in one operation, although internallly 2 utilities (ADACMP and ADAMUP) are executed.

However, you must select “Compress” in the File menu, and not “Load”.
If you select “compress” ou can either only compress a file or additionally load the compressed data in the database.


Thank You very much.

Was able to create a file and load data successfully.