A good day to all.

Sorry, but I am beginner in NATURAL/ADABAS (NaturalONE Community Edition). I don’t know how to start creating a NEW file ADABAS to my programs. I need a step by step to my learning. I installed ADABAS DBA WORKBENCH. An example would be of great value. I have NATURAL/ADABAS for WINDOWS XP 32. I want to create my own file on ADABAS.


It is not clear whether you are asking for help to define a new file in Adabas, or to populate a file using Natural.

From NaturalONE, click Help → Software AG Designer Guides → NaturalONE Help → Natural Language for xxx → Programming Guide → Accessing Data in a Database → Accessing Data in an Adabas Database. (Note that there are Natural Language manuals for several platforms.) Read sections Data Definition Modules - DDMs, Defining a Database View, and Statements for Database Access. Then ask specific questions.

Read the help text for DBA Workbench. Then ask specific questions on one of the Adabas forums. (This is a NaturalONE forum.)

Community members are willing to help, but we expect you to do your homework.

This is not a training site.

I thought it was any help, even for those just starting out … thanks, I won’t bother more …

Thank you