Adabas upgrade 6.4.0 to 6.4.1

We are looking into upgrading Adabas from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 on HP UX. SAG installer is displaying:

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any upgrade guide nor anything related to upgrading in Adabas/SAG Installer documentation.

Is it accurate that a minor version upgrade requires installation into a new directory (e.g. /opt/softwareag2) or is there a bug in SAG installer?

If so, is every new version going to require a new /opt/softwareag variant? I’m not sure why SAG products moved away from the ./ada/v641 directory structure. Installing to a new softwareag directory every time would make me even less appreciative of that change.

Thank you.

Hi Todd,

The new installation process follows the idea of having suites. This allows you to have multiple
versions of the software on a computer isolated from each other.
All products being released at the same time can be seen as a suite, whereby not necessarily all
need to be installed under one dierectory.
The feedback from customers were, that an overinstall of minor and major versions is not allowed
in their organisations.


I am late to this discussion but on reading the posts I am even more confused with the “new” directory decision. We have Adabas, Natural, Construct etc all installed under /opt/softwareag/. If I need to install a new version of Adabas, I would need to create /opt/softwareag2/ and install not only the new Adabas but also all my other SAG products? Which may or may not be new versions as well. Once finished, /opt/softwareag2/ would be the new value of $SAGDIR until the next time I need to upgrade something and then I would have /opt/softwareag3/? I am guessing I could then delete /opt/softwareag/ and reuse it.

Yikes - $ADAVERS was so much easier.

I didn’t like it, and was in a position where I could simply uninstall the old version of Adabas then install the new. I went this route.

I don’t understand why this decision was made for Adabas. The other products installed over the existing version, and will continue to uninstall then reinstall as long as I can get away with it.