ADABAS on Windows

Is there anyone on here who can address an issue with ADABAS on Windows???

Only if you tell us what the issue is.

To answer your question, there are many people with Adabas/Natural installed under windows.


My Computer runs XP-pro and have natural & adabas in my system. Today when I started the machine I received a notification that I need to Install or upgrade Adabas D 12.01. Google tells me this is a large database program. I am suspicious that what I am looking at is a Trojan. Now whenever I do a restart the same window shows up

Adabas and Adabas D are two different things, Adabas D is a relational database.

If you installed Adabas “C” and something asks you to install Adabas D that would
be rather strange, but I’ve never heard of a trojan like this.

Check what program / process issues this message.

Also, check what you have installed. My guess is you have at least Adabas D installed, probably Adabas-C as well.

I cannot imagine malware that is aware of the existence of Adabas D, hence my guess that you have it installed, even if you are not using it.