ADABAS NATIVE SQL and VISTA incompatible

No need for a reply.

This is a fyi for those few shops that might actually have Adabas Native SQL and VISTA.

Per Denver SAG LOG #599898, and several months of arguing, the SQL developers have finally conceded that these products are not compatible (see specifics next paragraph). Our offered solution was rejected (to disable the extra check).
We received the traditional response to Adabas Native SQL problems: Change Enhancement.

We were trying to consolidate a messy development environment of 22 FDIC files across 22 databases into one database and a few FDIC files (yes, our shop is that messy). VISTA was to be a critical component of
mapping the FDIC files to avoid any application changes. With VISTA and remapping, the SQL compiles all receive SQL error 0217. So much for VISTA for this solution, we are going through the application change route.

Part of the reply was that this ADAGLOB record check against the FDIC
control record was a safety check to avoid problems with GFORMAT and
GCID generations. However, the DB/FNR uniquely qualifies the GCID being generated and does need to do this check.

Would a custom “zap” to disable the unnecessary check be of help? If so, contact me off list to discuss. (