Adabas Manger First Time Initialization - Getting stuck

Successfully Installed the trial version of ADABAS. But while starting ADABAS Manger its stuck with the message on command prompt as “Adabas Manager first time initialization …” and on SYSPCI as " Waiting for tomcat initialization"

Hi Sindhu,

Please try the following:

  • Stop the SoftwareAG Runtime (CTP) in Windows service
  • Delete the ‘adabasmanager’ folder in “/profiles/CTP/workspace/webapps”
  • Restart the SoftwareAG Runtime Windows service (CTP) and the ‘adabasmanager’ folder will be rebuilt again.
  • If the subsequent start of the Adabas Manager leads to the message
    “Connection to Natural Server “localhost” failed”, delete the ‘AMNFIRST.TXT” file in the directory
    “AdabasManager\INSTALL” and restart the Adabas Manager again.

Hope this helps.


Hello TC,

Thanks for the response… Tried the options suggested. Unfortunately the same problem persist.
Please suggest an alternative.


Helli TC,

Installation is successful, After restarting the machine … Thanks a lot for your tip …