ACL on queue

Hi Team,

I want to add acl on queue.

I have a scenario where we want particular source system only able to push messages on queue.

I have created a queue and assign acl on this. I am not able to understand how source system will pass the correct value of user member so that they can push messages on queue.

If you want to limit publishing to clients on a particular machine, then you can use the ACL
where is the IP address of the client machine you want to authorize.
This mechanism allows you to control things based on host without having to set up authentication.
The * in the example above relates to “any user”. The user in such a scenario by default is the OS user that the client application is running under.

If you prefer to also introduce authentication, then you will need to decide where to store user details: in a local file in UM, or in LDAP. You will then need to configure the UM server to use and mandate that clients authenticate. Finally, your clients will need to provide credentials (username and password) when connecting. For IS, you can provide credentials in the connection aliases.
If using authentication like this, then the ACL just uses the username without the @ and the client IP, e.g.

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Thanks Jonathan … It’s really great info.