acl examples


I would like to restrict access to some documents in TWS using ACLs. I’m using TWS 4.1 with Tamino security enabled.

The users are listed in /administration/security/users/my_domain/users

and Tamino groups are in /administration/security/users/my_domain/groups

So everything seems right at this stage.

I have few questions before to go further :

First the users are displayed with the format DOMAIN\USERNAME as defined in ino:security. Is there any trouble adressing the URI principals with backslashes ?

The group names contains some slashes and I wonder if this can be a problem with their URI too.

examples : user INO\ADMIN and group INFO/ADMIN/WEBDAV

Anyway I would like to manage access of webdav directories and all their content at the same time. Is there a way to set an ACL for a full directory hierarchy, not just a file ressource ? This is required because we manage HTML Word documents that can links images and metadata in subdirectories.

I hope you understand my questions. Any help is welcome because I don’t have a lot of time to spend in learning webdav acl theory.

best regards,

I found the reponse for most of my previous questions. I just need to link ACLs with user groups now.

I can set ACLs on a Tamino userid like /administration/security/users/INO/ADMIN but didn’t find a way to select groups or roles.

I’m using Tamino athentication with a domain called “INO”. I put the user INO\ADMIN in the Tamino group ADMIN-GRP

URL /administration/security/users/ADMIN-GRP doesn’t seem to work.

I really need some help.