User groups in Tamino WebDAV Server


Does Tamino WebDAV Server allow to give access rights to user groups defined in Tamino, OS or LDAP?

yes via ACL. Take the webdav community release 4.1.5 which is going to be released end of this week. This version supports LDAP too.

Josef Haiduk

Does that mean TWS 4.1.5 will pick up the groups defined in LDAP (i.e. groupOfUniqueNames) and makes them available to give ACL to??

This would be an enhancement to 4.1.4 as currently it’s not possible.


Hello Guido,

yes, with the new planned version, the Tamino WebDAV Server will pick up the LDAP groups and display them in the userpath URL namespace. Those groups can then be used as a principal reference within the ACL definitions.

We are working hard to release this feature very soon.

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We are happy to announce that the new version of Tamino WebDAV Server (V415) will support groups in LDAP.

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