Access to a particular package in IntegrationServer 7.1.2

Hi All,

As I am new to webMethods , could anyone tell me how to provide access users to a particular package by creating a different user group for that.?

Need it urgent…Please reply ASAP

Thanks in advance!!


The info is available in the wM-supplied documentation.

Create a new group and assign the userid as members to that group.
Create a new ACL and assign the newly created group as member to that ACL.
Configure the ACL in Developer → package → Properties → Permissions.

To be precise: ACL’s are applied to folders, not to packages. So you need to choose a folder inside the package and assign the ACL to it.
You also need to carefully choose the name of your folders for this, as folders with identical names in different packages are consider to be one inside webmethods. So an ACL applied to a folder will apply to all folders with the same name (in the same namespace where namespace is a hirarchy of folders).

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