Setting up basic authentication in integration server


This article provides you information on how to set up basic authentication in Integration Server.


  • webMethods Administrators – who perform Administrative tasks such as, start, shutdown, or restart of servers and deployments
  • Application Users – who want to consume the services
  • webMethods Developers – who perform development tasks such as, creation of services.
  • Before you begin

    Ensure that Integration Server is up and running.

    Configuring basic authentication settings

    The following procedure provides you the steps with an example to set the authentication for a set of users belonging to a group.

    1. Login to the Integration Server Administrator and go to Security > ACL’s

    2.  Click Add and Remove ACL’s.

    3. Select the Administrator ACL and click Add.


    4. Provide the ACL name as AccountsACL and click Create ACLs.

                  An Administrator ACL named AdministrorACL is created.

    4. Go to Security > User Management and click Add and Remove Groups.

    5. Provide the group name as AccountsGroup and click Create Group.

                A group named AccountsGroup is created.

    6. Go to Security > User Management and click Add and Remove Users.


    7. Select the user as Administrator and group as AccountsGroup.

    8. Provide the username as AccountsUser and set a password.


    9. Click Create User to create a user with username AccountsUser.

    9. In Security > User Management, select AccountsUser and click the left arrow to include it in the Users in this group list.


    User also gets added to the Groups users belongs to list.



    10. Click Save Changes.

    1. Go to Security >ACL’s and select your AdministratorACL from the Select ACL drop down.

    2. Under Add Group, click Add and select AccountsGroup.

    Integration Server displays AccountsUsers in the Resulting local users in this ACL with access list.

    3. Click Save changes.

    The AccountsUser in the AccountsGroup group now has the Administrator ACL. You can now use this user to grant permissions for incoming Integration Server Assets.