9.5 designer keeps asking user/pass when deploying CAF project

Hello Friends,

My designer is keeps asking user/pass when I try to deploy the CAF project even I give sysadmin/manage
is there any setup for this authentication? Please advise if any one faced this situation.


I think check sysadmin password, perhaps admin changes this account.


In the MWS Admin view, add the MWS server with sysadmin credentials and click on remember credentials. If you publish caf project to the same server, it will use the configurations saved in MWS admin view. This should fix your issue

See if this works, i kind of replicated, you need to change the Data Provider URL, delete and create new node.

BAD: http://host:8585

WORKS: host:8585


I forgot to mention that, aforementioned settings you need to do at MWS Admin view.

Hi All,

Anybody got to know how to fix this isseu ?
I still get the pop up for credentials everytime i give sysadmin/manage.

If i click on browse and check then im able to login with the same credentials :frowning:

anybody knows what might be the reason ?


Hi Kiran,

this is a proxy issue inside the UI Development.

Please apply latest DES_9.5_SP1_CAD_Fix and it should work correctly.

Check your Proxy Settings under Preferences also.


Hi Holger,

Yes i figured out the issue.

Now im able to connect and deploy my portlet apps.