502 Bad Gateway while creating polling Trigger in webmethods.io


I am trying to create a polling trigger to pull the updates from Salesforce using wm.io Trigger in my workflow. But while testing the trigger, I am getting “502 Bad Gateway” . Below is the error message for the same:-

Can you let me know, what needs to be done?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Atul,

Sounds like an issue to me, verified at my end received 502 bad gateway error.


Hi Bharath,

Any suggestions to resolve this?

Hello Atul,

Checking the same, will update you shortly.


Thanks. Just some more points to add while you are looking at it:-

  1. The polling trigger does not work consistently. Say, If the interval is 5 mins, it should poll every 5 mins automatically. But unfortunately, it is not happening. It works sometime when i execute manually. But not happening automatically.
  2. Whenever i try to test the polling trigger, it ONLY tests it with the sample data, not the Account data. By account data, I mean the Salesforce data.
  3. Establishing/testing fresh connection is taking a lot of time.

Hoping I didn’t write/ask too much. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!

Hello Atul,

No you are asking too much :wink: Indeed it could be potential platform issue.
Raised internal defect to track the same and will keep you updated with the status here.

Thank you.


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:see_no_evil:. Np. Just thought to be a bit descriptive about the issue since we are trying to implement it for one of our client.

Anyways, thanks for raising the internal defect. :+1:. Will wait for your further updates.

Thanks and regards,
Atul Kumar Jha