403 Error For RN messages

HI Team,

I am getting below error while sending ReceiptAcknowledgement message to Partner.

com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.transport.TransportException: com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.transport.TransportException: com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.networkTransport.NetworkTransportException: com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.RosettaNetException: Unable to make transport request. The response code was: 403 and status message was: Service Error

When I have checked my logs it shows acknowledgement was not sent to partner. As per update from partner they have received Acknowledgement from our side and they have sent 202 code. But my server is some how is receiving 403 error.

Can any one please help me on this.

Did you check with your network team on the 403 error code and see if they can troubleshoot the destination ip and any firewall issues to your internal IS?

Does the request goes thru the proxy server?



Yes, I have checked IPs are configured at our end and also our IPs are configured at partner side. Also we are not getting this error for all the receiptacknowledgement. You can say we are getting this error for 10 -15 messages / month.

The problem is since we are not able to send the acknowldgement the whole process model is getting failed(RN model for 3A4 and 3A8 PIP).

Please let me know if you need any more information.