2 Broker Monitor on same box

Can we have 2 seperate Broker Monitor process for 2 different version of Broker Server on the same box ?

Here is what I am trying to do …

Box 1

  • Broker Monitor 6.1 connected to Broker Server 6.1 6879
  • Broker Monitor 6.5 connected to Broker Server 6.5 7879

The trick is, if possible on the same box.

Any ideas? If not, Any alternative architecture options ?

IIRC, there is a thread on the forum that discusses this. A search should find it. IIRC, there can be one Broker Monitor but it can monitor older versions of Broker Server. Thus, Broker Monitor 6.5 would monitor both Broker Server 6.5 and 6.1.

Its not possible to run to broker monitors of 2 different versions on a single box.

no it is not possible to run two broker monitors in a single box, there is no option to change default port for the broker monitor

Agree with the above. The newest version of Broker Monitor should control both Broker Servers on the box.