How can I install several (2) Broker server in the same machine?

All is said in the title… I don’t know how I can change the default port where the broker server is running. I think it’s not possible in the current version but perhaps in the version 7.1.x someone knows…

In the webMethods Product Suite 7.1.x, it’s possible to choose your port for the broker server. My problem is solved !

You mean Broker Monitor mate. 1 Broker Monitor manages 1 or more Broker servers on a machine.

Before 7.1 there could only be 1 Broker Monitor per machine because its port was hardcoded to 6850, now you can set it freely, as you found out.

rock on!

Im not sure on what versions of webMethods you wanted to install two broker servers on the same machine.
Iam also not sure on how-to on webMethods 7.1
if you are looking at solution in 6.1 here is the solution,
Yes you can create two Broker Servers on the same machine(ofcourse they Should/Must be running on two different ports)
1)For creating another broker server (other than the default @6849) you can run the “server-config.exe” file present in Wm\Broker\bin. the detailed steps are self documented.
2)And now once a new brokerserver is created you would need to add it to the BrokerMonitor@ with the help of same command “server-config.exe add [args]”

hope this answers