Multiple Brokers on same server (Unix)

Is it possible to run multiple Brokers on the same server, some with Security turned on, some with Security turned off? If so, what special considerations must be given to reference the correct Broker? Do we need to include the port number to etbcmd strings, etc.?

We have been unable to properly configure this type of environment. When we attempt to logon to the secured Broker it accepts any user id password characters. We are using security = authentication, authentication type = os. The unsecured Broker runs fine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


When running multiple brokers on the same operating system image one generally needs to address the instances via their specific port.

This is usually done by mapping the brokers to their assigned port names in, for example un unix, /etc/services:

ETB001   1971/tcp
ETB002   1972/tcp

Now, when talking to the brokers from, for example, a Windows box, that broker/port mapping must be available there as well, either in the “services” file, or thru a DNS entry.


Thanks a lot

You are welcome :wink: