Broker Server with Monitor installation

Hi ,
Can any one explain how to install broker server and monitor in unix box.
If can we able to create new broker monitor using existing broker monitor .

Explain step by step for reference.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Siva,

there should be only one broker monitor per box (automatically created by installer).

One Broker Monitor can control several Broker Servers (which in turn can contain multiple Brokers).

Depending on wM version and availability of root rights on your box the default Broker Server instance can be automatically created during installation or manually via a Broker admin command.
See 9-5-SP1_Administering_Broker.pdf for details about these commands.

In wM 9.x the creation of the Broker Server instance via installer does not require root rights.
For earlier versions (i.e. wM 7.1) this was neccessary.
Therefore we skipped it and created the Broker Server instances manually.

If you really need a second Broker Monitor you will have to install in a separate directory.