Can we run two Broker monitor on one unix box

I was just wondering if we can run two broker monitor on one unix box. The thing is that 6.1 Broker servers can’t run if the broker monitor is of 6.0 version but 6.1 Broker Monitor can run the 6.0 Broker servers. What I could do is stop the 6.0 Broker Monitor and install the 6.1 Broker Monitor and start it, I know for sure that it will pick up the 6.0 Broker servers too as well as 6.1 Broker servers. The thing I am trying to ask if i can run both version of Broker Monitors on the same box.

Short answer is no. The awbrokermon process has the port hard coded along with the way it binds to the ip address. The 6.1 brokermon works fine with 6.0 broker servers. I would go that route.


Thanks Mark I just wanted to confirm that.