10.15 Designer vanishing in debug mode

Hello Everyone,

I recently started using 10.15 Designer on my PC for my project work. When I try to debug a flow service, the designer disappears and does not come back. This forces me to create a new workspace to launch it again. This is a major inconvenience for developers, as they lose time logging back into the servers.

can we please fix this issue? It would be a great help to developers and make their work easier.


Hello Ajay,

when you cannot use a Workspace it is maybe because of this file:
It prevents to use the same workspace twice. But you can delete it if the Designer is really gone.

About the vanishing Designer you have to contact support.

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when you say disappearing, do you mean crashing ?
Do you have any logs ?
As @Simon_Hanisch1 said, it would be a good idea to open an incident with the Software AG support.

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Thanks for reply @Simon_Hanisch1 ,

Removed the lock file from my workspace.

I will contact the support team.

@John_Carter4 - disappearing means, it is running in my background. but it’s not showing in the screen. I’m

attaching one screenshot where I can see my designer screen but not accessible.

Hi @ajaykumar.rangisetti
This appears more like a OS related issue , may be due to insufficient memory or other issues. Are there any other applications or is it just designer that has this problem?
If it is just the designer then you can try launching it with more init memory. Refer Adjusting the Designer Memory Settings


Hi @Nagendra_Prasad, issue is happening with only designer.
I have found this issue in the systems of multiple consultants.
I will try to adjust my designer memory settings.