Yet Another PartnerManager Question

I managed to delete selected transactions from the PartnerManager message store using the same technique as sweepTRX. That involves invoking methods found in wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.TransactionManager, wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.Transaction, et. al. The solution was developed and throughly tested on a IS v4.6.1 server. Interestingly, it will not even compile on a SAP Business Connector v4.0.1, even though those classes exist and are identical (or nearly so). The Java compiler is unable to locate the class files. The PartnerManager classes directory IS in the classpath, etc. Anyone know what’s going on?

The problem, for anyone else that might encounter it, involves the fact that the …\packages\WmPartners\code\classes\wm\PartnerMgr directory contains both an xtn class and an xtn package. From the compiler’s perspective, the class hides the package, so the classes in the package are unable to be resolved.

I solved the problem by temporarily renaming the xtn.class file while I compile the service that needs to access the xtn package. Tedious, but it seems to work.