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I am retriving a user information with his picture from a database.
My output field type of the picture is byte array.

What I want to do is to display the records with the pictures in a HTML file using XSLT.

Any advice ???

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You should store the picture to a file, jpg/gif etc. In the XSLT you generate the http tag to <image src="/path/file.jpg …>

Or you can have a DSP to write byteArray as a strem, in the XSLT generate the html tag pointing to the dsp <image src="/path/to/page.dsp …>

XSLT’s do not work directly with byteArrays.

Hope I explained in a clear way :smiley:

Thanks for the explanation, but what am doing is I am enquiring information from oracle database and the images are stored as BLOB.
But I store these BLOB to a byte array, then I display the output as an XML. What I want to know how to display the bit array.
By the way, what is the DSP?

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DSP are Dynamic Server Pages, something “similar” to JSP’s but with IntegrationServer syntax to work with flow/java services.

XML only deals with text, no object. But one XML tag can contain a base64 binary data, which is at the end the image in text format.

I assume you have a XML document, and one of the elements contains this binary data, then google around and search for:

“XSLT binary data”

You will find information and places on what to do.

Good luck

Thanks dear
I’ll google it

XSLT will allow you to “package” the binary data into another format, but I don’t think you will be able to serve this data to a web client as an image without persisting it into a file first and referring the client to retrieve it through a URL.
I would like to know how you resolved this problem as a matter of interest. I would save the image into a file and insert the URL pointing to that file inside the HTML page you are generating using your XSLT stylesheet.

I solved the problem
My xml element type is base64Binary.
This is what I did using xslt:
<xsl:variable name=“photo” select=“Element/Photo”/>