_xql(n,m) syntax

Hi everyone

As I remember in older versions of Tamino we could use verb _xql with parameters (n,m) to limit result returned by Tamino. This syntax still works in the current version ( and moreover is utilized by TII.

But I haven’t found any notes about _xql(n,m) in Tamino documentation. Instead we have new verb _cursor that does almost the same plus some advantages that allow Tamino to save time not repeating the same queries again and again.

Does it mean that _xql(n,m) syntax is prohibited and will not be supported in future versions?

Hi Alexander,
although you haven’t found any notes about “_xql(n,m)” in the Tamino documentation, this kind of cursor handling is still working, valid and not illegal.
It will be supported in future versions (without further maintenance), nevertheless we propose to use the new cursor handling.