I’ve Tamino 4.4.1 and an application with TaminoLib.js. In version 4.2.1 runs OK, but with the new version it doesn’t. I’m using cursors, and only the getNext() method works. getLast(), getFirst() and getPrev() doesn’t work. I have seen that’s Tamino doesn’t returns the ino:prev, ino:first and ino:last tags.
Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.

The old style cursoring was finally removed in Tamino 4.4 (it had been deprecated for years).

You should be able to do something similar using XQuery.

I’m using this type of query:

Is this deprecated?

The nomenclature leaves a lot to be desired but the _xql command query is called “X-Query” and _xquery command query is called “XQuery”.

Hi, Mark.
I’ve modified my application to send an xquery instead of query : where+tf%3AcontainsText(%24a%2Fnombre%2C+“ca”) return+%24a&_encoding=windows-1252&=&_cursor=open&_position=10&_quantity=16&_sensitive=vague&_scroll=yes, and Tamino only returns the ino:prev and ino:next tags, but ino:first and ino:last no.
This tags are never returned in this version?
Thanks a lot of.

I think that your observation that XQuery does not return ino:first or ino:last is correct.

But is that a feature or is a bug?

I think that is as intended (i.e. feature).

The programmer should know the first position as it as originally requested. The last is slightly more problematic.

Works as documented. Please refer to Tamino documentation.