Question about XQL

Hi All,

I have a question on a newly developed database. I try to use the following command to retrieve the contents from my database


and it gives me all the /Content documents that fit the condition, instead of 10. I find that the problem is actually caused by the sortall and I get 10 documents if I remove sortall. Am I forget to turn on some of the options for the database or do I have problem with my schema? Thanks for your help.

What version of Tamino are you using?

I am using . Actually, I have solve the problem by using &_cursor=open&_position=1&_quantity=10 instead of using _XQL(1,10), but still want to know the solution actually. Thank you very much.

Its great that you solved the problem using new cursoring instead of the old cursoring technique. If you need more details, would you please contact your local Software AG Customer Support agents and quote Document ID 226019.