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Hi dear Friends
I have questions
1- I have a collection and 2 doctypes , in both I have an elemet named “name” , I execute the query //name on this collection and all of name elemetns in both doctypes returned , I want to know How _xql command works on a collection , does it always search all doctypes ?!
2- I execute the query //name sortby (.) , in part of the response doc I get
<ino:cursor ino:count=“215”>
<ino:first ino:href="?_XQL(1,16)=//name sortby(.)" />
<ino:next ino:href="?_XQL(17,16)=//name sortby(.)" />
<ino:last ino:href="?_XQL(209,16)=//name sortby(.)" />
why 3 times ?
3-How Tamino deals with comment
in xml docs ? where they are saved?



1 - yes, Tamino X-Query queries (_xql=) always work on the whole collection. To restrict the query to just one doctype, use _xql=/mydoctype//name

2 - with _XQL(1,16)=//name sortby(.) you get the first 16 results, with _XQL(17,16)=//name sortby(.) you get result 17-32 and with
_XQL(209,16)=//name sortby(.) you get the last 16 results.

3- Tamino stores comments as parts of the document. You can query them e.g. by