1- XQuery Joins on two different collections 2- Saving Xquer

Hello everyone.

I am currently reviewing Tamino XML Server and hopefully we will buy it soon.

I have three specific questions:

1 - According to documentation, and contradictory to some posts here, you cannot do an XQuery join on documents residing in two DIFFERENT collections. Is this true? If so, what would be the point of even organising documents into different collections? Why not just keep it all in one collection and if need to, just create different databases?
Can someone provide an example of a real-life situation where using different collections would be useful ? Even the example in the welcome database (person, property) uses only one collection, with different doctypes in it.

2 - Is it possible to store XQueries in Tamino, so one can call them thru code? I am refering to something like a stored procedure or view in sQL Server. And if so, is it possible to pass them parameters?
I suspect the answer I will get is to write my own extension. But unfortunately I am quite rsuty in c/c++, having lately spend time in XML, XSLT and C# (we’re developing in .NET and want to hook up to Tamino)

3- From documentation, it seems its possible to somehow apply XSLT and CSS to XQueries DIRECTLY in Tamino. I can’t find how to do that. Any pointers?

Thank you very much,

Peter Endisch Jr.

Hello Peter Endisch,
see some answers below.

Best regards
Walter Waterfeld
Tamino R&D