XmlNode to string conversion


Is there any simple way converting xmlnode to text? The problem is that wM does not support recursive document types, but i have to use one as long as it is required in the project. To work around this, I have created document type with limited number of elements (just those i need) and do the following

  1. receive message, lets say
  2. validate message against original schema (recursive one)
  3. perform some activities on the message contents using limited document type
  4. pass part of original message for further processing. This step is something more complicated. I can not use documentToString here because i will lose some information (remember, my document type is not convering all possible combinations declared by schema. Schema is very complex and adjusting it to wM limitations using element references instead of recursive declarations is not possible). What I would like to do here is:
    4.1) query original message and get the fragment that is to be passed for further processing as an xmlNode
    4.2) convert xmlNode to something that can be processed by other applications, say plain xml text WITHOUT conversion to documentType

Is it possible at all?


There may be other ways, but one of the easiest is to use pub.xml:queryXMLNode with the XQL query /source()

Oh, and support for recursive schemas is supposedly included in IS 6.5 SP2 due out in late 2006.