XMLGreetings from TaminoApiExamlple

i have done the XMLGreeting example contained in the TaminoAPiExample,but i don’t understand where this file will be stored.I have checked in mydb under data map, but nothing.If i instead insert a tsd and its correspondent xml file i find them where i supposed to be.
Any idea?
thx @nto

The XMLGreeting example stores a document into the “mydb” database into a collection called “ino:etc”. This collection is somewhat special in that you can store any XML document into it without defining a schema beforehand. So you should be able to query for the Greeting document stored with the query:

I would have a look at the documentation as well particularly the section “Getting Started with Tamino” which provides information about what collections and doctype are.

As an alternative you could contact your local Software AG affiliate as they run a variety of Tamino training courses.