ino:etc in myDB

i haven’t ino:etc collection in myDB database.I have:
io:SXS-Admin,ino:SXS-Trace,ino:collection,ino:security and ino:vocabulary

The strange things is that XMLGreeting inserting succeded and it writes:
insert succeded ino:id=4

Then when i type the URL i don’t know which use. I tried with
<A HREF="http://localhost/tamino/myDB/ino:etc/@ino:id=“4"” TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/myDB/ino:etc/@ino:id="4"
Which the one correct, and WHAT’S WRONG???

If a document was assigned ino:id of 4, you can retrieve it using:


or query for it with:

<A HREF=“http://localhost/tamino/myDB/ino:etc?_xql=Greeting[@ino:id=“4”]” TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/myDB/ino:etc?_xql=Greeting[@ino:id=“4”]

Thx,it works!!

But i don’t understand why ino:etc collection isn’t in myDB database.(I have:
io:SXS-Admin,ino:SXS-Trace,ino:collection,ino:security and ino:vocabulary)


ino:etc is a special collection in Tamino. It always exists, and is the only place you can store xml documents for which no schema exists. Although you can’t see it with the Tamino Manager, you can explore ino:etc with Tamino X-Plorer.


Hmmm… but ino:etc is really there in the database, although you do not see it. ino:etc is a special collection in that there is no schema defined for it and this could account for why you do not see it.

Thank you Bill and thank you Stuart for the answer.Actually i don’t see ino:etc via X-plorer, i’'l take it as a special collection (for the document without tsd)i can’t see…