Retrieving Non XML objects

Hi All,
I am having a small problem.
I am able to store NonXML objects in a XML database. After storing the non xml object it assigns a ino-id value to each object. Only if I know this id, I can retrieve the non xml object using query:
where “1” is the id of the object stored.

But what is the value of this id, how will i know this id at runtime while programming.
Can anyone help.

When storing Non XML documents you can specify a document name (actually the same holds true for XML). So you store a document (_process) with a URL like:
(and the payload will be the binary gif image)

This will store the Gif as nonXML, assign a ino:id to it (say 1) and associate a document name to it (JSmith_Clavical.gif).

You now have several options:

1) If you know the ino:id as you have mentioned already you can simply issue the following URL to get the image:

2) If you know the name that you assigned (say this may be stored in an XML Document somewhere) you can issue the following URL:

3) If you know the name and want the ino:id you could query such as :
<A HREF=“http://localhost/tamino/myDB/Collection?_xql=XRay[@ino:docname=“JSmith_Clavical.gif”” TARGET=_blank>]http://localhost/tamino/myDB/Collection?_xql=XRay[@ino:docname=“JSmith_Clavical.gif”]

… of available nonXML objects, of course:

http://localhost/tamino/myDB/Collection?_xql=XRay , either with an appended /@ino:id (for a list of available identifiers) or /@ino:docname (for a list of names). Get the hang of it?

Best regards, Andreas

I highly recommand printing this so usefull discussion thread, where Stuart and Andreas say it all, in a few lines :slight_smile: