XmlData missing in HTTP call.

Hi All,

There is a JSP calling a flow service in Business connector 4.6. Http posts the xmlData parameter to this service, this service inturn calls the SAP system gathers the query result and reply back with the xml data.

This is working fine on SAP BC 4.0.1 @ port 5555. I have installed the SAP BC 4.6 core fix8 @ port 5556 and is up on the same machine.

When the port is changed in JSP to point ot 5556. The http call reaches Business connector server but the xml data is missing. I see the below exception in server log.

000040 [B2BCORE.0076.0007] XMLCoder encode invalid data type: com.wm.app.b2b.server.BoundedInputStream

Does this mean the xmlData in not coming in the http call? or the Data is coming and not recognized or parsed on the the server.

I have also tried to start the SAP BC 4.6 server at 5555 as primary port the result is same.

Please advise. Any Help is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
Amit K Gupta

Hi Amit,

I found out that you r working on core fix 8. This is not in reply to ur query but I have anthr query. We recently upgraded from corefix7 to corefix8 however if we check the system info in ‘About’ in BC server it still shows BC46_CoreFix7 for some reason. Do you know why?


Hi Amith,

The JSP is posting a contentStream to the flow service. This happens when the ‘contentType’ is not recognized by the webMethods. So the incoming data will be converted into a content stream. In the flow service you can do this: Take an input parameter contentStream of type undefined.

pub.io:streamToBytes (Input is contentStream)

May be in the first case, the JSP was posting an XML node or String itself.
Put a savePipeline in the service and debug it to confirm what data is being posted to the service: xml node, or parsed xml node, or string or contentStream in the first place.