Xml to xml gui mapper

Hi All,
I have a requirement to get a xml to xml mapper tool that can do the mapping graphically by doing drag and drop. I know that I can use Webmethod’s Developer to do that,but the business users do not want to use Webmethod’s Developer,being a development tool. They want a web based gui mapper tool that can be used to create maps visually.
Is there any such tool available?


Take a look at Altova’s MapForce (makers of XMLSPY).
Also www.brunswickwdi.com/bie has a integration server called Business Integration Engine with a gui mapper (it generates an xsl file) - it’s a bit tough for a business person because it’s built on some of the XSL concepts.

However I don’t think it’s a good idea for business users to do the mapping in general - usually you have formatting to do (convert dates, strings or numbers to other formats) or database lookups and validations to do. Just my 2 cents.


try Contivo at [url=“http://www.contivo.com/”]http://www.contivo.com/[/url] and it supports webMethods.

Demo: [url=“http://www.contivo.com/about/flashdemo.html”]http://www.contivo.com/about/flashdemo.html[/url]

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I am already looking at bie and MapForce. But I do not think MapForce can be used as web app. Our requirement is to have this tool exposed as a web app so that users will be using it through browser.
Can bie or Contivo be used as web app?


BIE uses a java app. I don’t know of any web based mapping tools if that’s what you’re asking. But you can have your mapping be executed via the web via a jsp page (that uses a java API to invoke the map).

Contivo may be an option but this might be cost prohibitive.

However, I would also note that Will’s comments on business users and mapping should be considered.

Good Luck,
Jim Palmer