XML to Flat File (urgent)

I have accomplished getting my results from my XML document in order to create a flat file.

Now I am having a brain freeze in actually creating the file in this format, & also writing the file to a specific directory.



All the help you can give me is great.

Thank you,


I think “Urgency” may not give the solution rather than faltoos.:wink: So have patience to get the solutions as it requires some time to others to respond in the forum.

Here i am sending the sample to handle a flatfile with this post as an attachment with the basic scenarios:

  1. FFData To Database
  2. TableData from Database To write into a FlatFile in a specified location

Hope this may be helpful to you.Check it and please post the process you have done in detail to solve this issue.
Also refer to the FlatFileUserGuide.pdf,which is available in webmethods advantage site.