New to webMethods EDI Modules

Appreciate if the experts can point me to the right direction.

Currently, I have a development task to read multiple XML files (of the same types) from a file folder. Upon reading those files, I need to convert/map those files to EDI transactions.

I have read through the EDI/EDIINT documents (and Developer Built-In Services guide and FlatFile package doc) and cannot find any services that will returns a list of the files (or files names) based on a supplied folder.

Just would like to see anyone has any ideas (apart from developing own Java Service…)

Thanks in advance

There is no built-in service available for listing of the files…

As far i know,Coding a javaservice is only a quick solution.


there’s a perfect example in the wmEDISamples package.


If you are a webMethods partner/customer, you can download the PSUtilities package from Advantage. If this is the case, look no further as you can use the following service:


Just make sure that you copy the service to your package and make modifications in your package as this is best practice.



Also, don’t forget the file polling port capabilities of Integration Server. You can even filter for file type and read-in only the ones that you want.