XML to CSV Conversion

Hello All
Is there a way to convert the XML file to a CSV file in webMethods.Later this csv file has to be stored in the clients machine.
Thanks in advance

What version of webMethods server are you using? webMethods 6.0 has its own utilities or if you are using 4.6, there are utilities uploaded in this site by experts.
Good Luck!

I am using version 4.6 .I dont find any Utilities overe here.Can U please tell me the steps to do the Conversion to CSV.
Thanx in advance

You can look under the shareware section and you might find something that is of help. I have seen utilities which converts an CSV file into a record structure. And may be you will have to write your own code to convert the xml file into a CSV file. Do you have a fixed xml format?

Nope I do not have fixed XML format.

The wM 6.0 Flat file adapter can do what you need. If you’re using 4.6, you can use the EDI module to create the csv file. Docs for both components have instructions for doing this.

It’s also fairly simple to write an output template or Java service that can convert an IData object into the format you need. It’d be better to use pre-packaged functionality if you can find it.