Xml string limit

Is there a limit for an xml string value inbound to the broker? A soap client will be sendng an xml fileas a string to the IS and we will be using the xmlstring to node and nodetodoc to process it.



Pls check this thread if it helps for you…its regarding Unicode string that is used in enterprise server.


cant follow the post. what’s the max length of a xml file that can be passed as an xml string into IS?

I dont think,there is any specific limit restriction on IS.since i have seen huge MB,GB xml files (PIPs,Flatfiles)which can be handled using NodeIterator or TN large document handling functionality.


do you know of any tool to convert an xml document to a string to pass as a string to wm? btw, do you have a yahoo id?

out of box i dont know if any tool exists.my id:ramu_cs@yahoo