XML Node size limitations for Tamino Query Extensions

Hi there.

If I implement my own function for Tamino, which I want to use in my X-Query statement, what is the size limit of the XML node that can be processed?

I saw that the Extensions are implemented in COM or Java, and both take type string when passing XML objects. Am I right in thinking that this realy limits what kind of XML nodes I can process?

How should I get around this?
Implement the function in XSLT? (please no!)

Is SoftwareAG working on allowing extensions to be written in nativly in the .NET framework? (so one could use say the XmlNode object to pass around)


Hi, Robert.

Up to now I have only created Java SXS for Tamino. But I do not see why the node size should be limited just because it is transferred as String? In Java, a String can be really huge, and I have never run out of String length, just out of memory. Remember, the whole document is an XML string.

So what is the real problem? Or am I wrong and the .NET platform has limited string lengths?



thanks for the reply.

I was wrong in thinking that there was a fixed size limit for strings in Java and COM.

I’ve had bad experiences with String size limits in SQL Server, so I was a bit worried.