XML Schema Reference problem


There are two schema , say “A” and “B” . Schema A is referiing one Element frm Schema “B” When i looked into B2bServer Schema validation doc it says to inculde either or
tag for this purpose. If i use tag in schema “A” to refer Schema “B” , it will refer all the elements from f schema “B”. but
in my case i need to refer only one element from schema “B”

is there any way to handle this?



Hi, Shibu. Let me see if I understand your issue:

In your pipeline, there is a record that requires validation. The record is based on “Schema A”. “Schema A” is a parent schema for “Schema B” in that “Schema A” references “Schema B” its in DTD/XSD.

Your question is “How can I validate the record in my pipeline if the pub.schema.validate service checks my record against ‘Schema A’ and all of ‘Schema B’ as well?”.

If that is your question, in fact, you should probably spend some time cleaning up your DTDs and your records. The “Schema B” element that you require in “Schema A” should exist as its own DTD, referenced/imported by both “Schema A” and “Schema B”. Look at your other DTDs and you may find more instances of shared elements. By creating DTDs/records for each of these shared elements, you can attain better modularity in your schemas.

Hi Dan

Thanks for understanding the problem and for the solution.